Episode 20

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21st Jun 2022

“Autistic Trans Woman Steph Stigma, uses click bait” Non-Ted Talk w/ a Comedian / Musician

On Today's Episode The Gen X Brothers talk with Steph Stigma. She is the very funny Autistic Transgender Woman taking on the universe with her tilted blend of comedy in her weekly podcast "Steph's Box", not to mention a very gifted musician.

Steph gives us her take on politics, Dave Chappell and what it's like living in the south still waiting for the evil straight people to influence her back to normal, Hail Satan! She also talks about her time playing in Willow Wisp and the development of her own music project "Porn for Borgs". Currently she writes and performs in The Solar Animals.

Erik and Glenn also review the notorious Post Mortem Superstar CD "Which Witch Wroughts". A wonderfully mastered blend of progressive metal with gothic and death metal overtones.

Steph Stigma Steph Stigma began her music career in 1993, forming the Florida grunge band, "Albino Meat Machine". Since then, she's performed in countless bands including Hollywood metal band, "Willow Wisp" and has jammed with talents such as, Alex Acuna, Steve Lukather, & Ginger Baker. She's written & recorded a bunch of solo albums under the names, "Stiev Stigma" & "Porn For Borgs". She also composed music and did a cameo for the Streamy nominated web series, "The Will Be Brawl". Currently, she writes and performs with psychedelic EDM jam band, "The Solar Animals". As a standup comedian, Steph has performed with Nancy Witter, Orlando Jones, Eddie Ifft, was winner of Port City Comedy Jam Juneteenth 2021, and was cited amongst Wilmington's hot new comics by Star News. She also writes and performs sketches and host's her weekly podcast, "Steph's Box". Steph's Facebook page Steph on YouTube @StephStigma on Twitter

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Hello, I'm Erik (Air-iK) Fullmer. After seeing my first Heavy Metal concert in 1984 I started playing guitar. I was 16 years old and was living in a small town called Atwater in California. I then formed a band with some friends in high school. In 1990 my band Willow Wisp moved to Hollywood to become ROCK STARS! After sixteen years of playing the Sunset Strip, being signed to a couple of independent labels, releasing a few albums and building a small base of loyal fans that were spread out all over the world, the ROCK STAR thing didn’t exactly happen as planned. After accumulating a love for alcohol that became an addiction of the worse kind, I was forced to leave my band in 2006. In 2011 I decided to turn my life around. I got the Hell out of Los Angeles and moved to Portland Oregon and with some help from my brother and sister in law I entered an outpatient rehab program. Now 8 years sober and for the past three and a half years I have been working as a CADC I alcohol and drug counselor here in Portland Oregon. Today I continue to write and record new music and have a new album in the works. In the last few years since I've gotten back into the full swing of singing, playing guitar and writing music, I feel I have exponentially grown a musician. Now, I’m looking forward to what is to come on this new journey into the world of Podcasting!

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I'm the little brother. I grew up Poor White Trailer Park Trash! That's all you need to know...